Sabyasachi and H&M Collaboration

The collaboration between Sabhyasachi, the Indian ethnic wear store, and H&M, the western wear giant was the major in the news recently and is spreading all across social media.

 For lovers of Indian culture, this Sabyasachi x H&M collection launch was the most anticipated event. Sabyasachi Mukherjee collaborated with the Swedish company for attaining the goal of designing a range of clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. The collection was launched on August 12 in very few stores across India and a few international stores. It was also made available online through shopping applications like Myntra.

However, the craze of layings hands on a unique collaboration among fashion lovers around the world was astonishing such that the entire collection was sold out online within a few minutes since its launch. Social media posts were flooded with memes and comments where users expressed their disappointment at the range of clothes designed by Sabyasachi for the retail store, while some complained of not being able to access the online application in time. But overall the users were satisfied with the collection and were happy with the collaboration.

 Among all these public discussions, the designer himself issued a statement. In an Instagram post, Sabyasachi wrote “Keeping in mind, we produced in abundance.” He further mentioned that he and his team did not comprehend the response. “I would not even call it overwhelming, just plain baffling. It’s one of those things that even with the best forecasting, the best data team, the best supply chain, and best logistics you just cannot anticipate.”


Written by – Kashish Ahuja 

( Member of Thrust : E-cell )

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